Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tiger Talk 5.8.12 (Where Have We Been Edition)

Thankfully I didn't stay up to watch that debacle of a game last night with the Tigers wasting yet another good pitching performance by a started and coughing up 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th to the friggin' Mariners who Doug Fister made them look stupid thru the first eight.  That's now 6 loses when the Tigers have a lead after the 7th inning.  Hopefully this nightmare comes to an end soon or this will be a long season in the D.

Now For Your Latest Tiger News

  • The Tigers have a "bumper crop" of position prospects in Lakeland according to Lynn Henning
  • MLive believes a consistent lineup from the 'stache would help the Tiger bats break out
  • Jose Valverde not letting struggles effect his approach
  • The Tigers drop another 2 spots this week to 10th in the weekly ESPN Power Rankings
  • Tigers prospect (soon to be super prospect) Nick Castellanos was Baseball Americas #1 on their weekly prospect hot sheet this past week.  Leading Pepper Blogger Voss to ask the question, what the hell do we do with this guy?  Nick C was ranked 71st on Peppers Top 100 Prospect list for 2012
  • I don't think it's Jim's job, but he claims he's got to get Raburn going (keep an eye out for a call-up for Eric Patterson if he doesn't)
  • Bryan Villareal was optioned to Toledo to make room for Fister.  Yea, let's send the guy down who didn't allow and earned run in 4 appearances...smart
  • Jim Leyland was upset of the light suspension to Cole Hamels for hitting Pepper Baseball #1 Prospect for 2012 Bryce Harper
  • New Sparky Anderson book reveals the real Sparky
  • ESPN Insiders will get to read about Doug Fister's impressive return from Eric Karabell
Interesting News From Around Baseball
  • Brad Penny was released from his Japanese team, but shockingly it was for sucking, it was at his request as he has offers with Major League teams to be a starter or reliever
  • Cole Hamels suspended five games after admitting to hitting Bryce Harper
  • The Giants Mota suspended 100 games for his second failure of an MLB drug test.  The problem is that the drug was a children's cough medicine
  • Old on old crime as Jamie Moyer accuses Chipper Jones of steal signs and they get in to it a bit
  • Andy Pettitte to start Sunday against the Mariners
  • Brandon Inge hit's first homer for A's but don't get to excited down river ladies, he's still hitting in the .100's.  The ball takes out two fans in this must watch shot to the nuts clip
  • Bondo looking for an opportunity for a return in 2013.  Hell, with this bullpen lets see if that robo-arm has anything now...

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