Friday, May 11, 2012

Tiger Talk 5.11.12 (crINGE Edition)

Well the Tigers offense finally woke up last night as Brandon Inge welcomed the Tigers to Oakland where they  scored 10 runs, still had reliever issues, and of course cr-Inge hit his second grand slam of the week.  You think this guys isn't motivated this series as he made and outstanding play right off the bat against AJax and layed out and almost made an amazing play against Dirks the very next play.

Here's you latest Tigers news:

  • Miguel Cabrera snaps his slump going 4-5 in last nights game with 3 RBI
  • MLive plays fact or fiction about Brandon Inge
  • Tom Gage writes about Inge's fresh start in Oakland.  I'll add a good for him and best luck in Oakland, but I'm glad he's gone as well.
  • Terry Foster adds how Ryan Raburn is filling Inge's shoes...unfortunately
  • The Bleacher Report claims "Moneyball" is alive and well with Brandon Inge
  • Andy Oliver makes Baseball America's weekly Hot Sheet at #11

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